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Bosch Washing Machine Error Code?

I know the feeling, your in a rush to get out of the house and thinking to yourself,  that washing machine must be finished soon!

You check how longs left of the cycle and WOW! When you look you see some funny letter & number configuration that you’ve never seen before, so you think to yourself, I’ll Google that!

These error codes below are only an indication where the issue may lie.


Bosch WAE Range Fault Codes


F16    Door Interlock    door-lock

If the washing machine control system senses the the contact

within the door lock has not made connection correctly it flags up

the F16 code.



F17    Water Inlet Valvebosch-inlet-valve

When the solenoid on the water inlet valve fails or there is no

or an insufficient amount of water entering the machine.



F18    Water Drain Pump










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